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Professional and integrated consultancy tailor-made for you.

Our services cover all the areas of intervention necessary for our clients, be they companies, businesses, start-ups or innovative SMEs, freelancers or individuals.

Our strength is our ability to offer each of them a unique interlocutor able to offer complete and specific advice on the basis of individual needs.

It is in the details that we put all our attention, working with method and passion, while always being attentive to results and confidentiality, with an eye to the use of the most innovative technologies.

Ours is an approach that has allowed us to achieve constantly improving results and to excel in each of our sectors of operation, especially in the context of extraordinary transactions, and in real estate transactions, plus in the sector of innovative Start-ups and SMEs and in the tax breaks aimed at encouraging innovation.

Corporate, accounting and administrative consultancy

We assist the client in the assessment of the most appropriate corporate, accounting and administrative tools, from the setting up of the company by-laws to the adoption of the appropriate corporate governance tools.
We are also present in the most delicate moments of corporate life, always showing the utmost competence and professionalism.

  • Advice and assistance in setting up companies and in capital operations
  • Advice and assistance for the preparation of financial statements
  • Advice and assistance in the drafting of agreements between shareholders and drawing up shareholders’ agreements
  • Tax support and assistance in requesting funding
  • Keeping of books in ordinary and simplified accounting
  • Advice and assistance on electronic invoicing and substitute storage
  • Advice on corporate and commercial law, assistance in drafting minutes and corporate deeds
  • Corporate and commercial contracts
  • Tax, accounting and legal due diligence;
  • Consultancy and assistance in relation to extraordinary corporate transactions (transformations, mergers, demergers, liquidations, sales, acquisitions, leasing of companies and/or company branches, sales and acquisitions of shareholdings or company shares);
  • Advice and assistance in the management and administration of real estate assets
  • Legal control of the accounts of joint-stock companies and corporations.
  • Domiciliation of companies
  • Presentation of communications and declarations required by law

Fiscal and tax consultancy

The Firm assists its clients in ordinary and extraordinary tax and fiscal obligations through a constantly updated tax and fiscal consultancy that takes into account any legislative opportunities or updates.
Clients are assisted in the fulfilment of the multiple tax obligations imposed by Italian and European legislation, with a strong focus on tax planning and the prior assessment of the consequences on the tax basis of individual transactions and management decisions.

  • Fiscal planning
  • Tax advice and assistance in the field of direct and indirect taxes relating to companies, institutions, resident and non-resident individuals
  • Advice and assistance in case of inheritance mortis causa
  • Preparation of all tax declarations and communications
  • Fiscal due diligence
  • Assistance and representation during tax audits and in all phases of litigation and pre-litigation tax
  • Assistance and representation in relations with the Revenue Agency and the Collection Agency, the Land Agency, Inps, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and other entities

Business consultancy

The Firm provides its advice and assistance tout court to companies, from planning and organisation to solving the problems and conflicts that may arise during the lifespan of a company, with particular attention to start-ups and innovative SMEs and foreign companies wishing to invest and operate in Italy through companies and structures in our country.

  • Strategic planning
  • Management control and analysis
  • Investigations and checkups on economic, property and financial balances
  • Financial statements and budget
  • Budget analysis for indices and flows
  • Evaluations of businesses, business branches and companies
  • Drafting of sworn appraisals

Start-ups, innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs

Being acutely aware of how much innovation is an indispensable key for those companies that want to be competitive in today’s market, the Firm has gained significant experience in start-up consultancy, in particular dealing with innovative start-ups, but also with the countless SMEs whose development depends on tax breaks rewarding innovation.

  • Evaluation of legal requirements for innovative start-ups
  • Assistance and advice during the start-up phase
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Budgeting and business plans
  • Consultancy regarding start-ups and innovative SMEs (tax deductions for capital investments, company subsidies, work for equity and facilitated stock options)
  • Advice on tax breaks for innovation: Tax credits for investments in research and development, patent boxes, super-amortisation and hyper-depreciation)
  • Subsidised loans and contributions for investment projects in innovation

Extraordinary operations

The Firm is responsible for assisting the Client in extraordinary operations with competence, experience and analytical skills.
In fact, our work is not limited to the ordinary life of the company, but also extends to extraordinary events such as buying and selling, mergers, splitting, and so on.

  • Planning and assistance in corporate reorganisation operations
  • Strategic management of the generational transfer of companies and assets
  • Administrative support and strategic advice in the management of real estate assets
  • Advice and assistance from the forming to the dissolution of any type of company
  • Evaluations of companies and company investments
  • Acquisition and selling of companies and company investments
  • Mergers
  • Demergers
  • Provisions
  • Transformations
  • Liquidations
  • Rent of companies
  • Rent-to-buy companies
  • Leverage and management buy-outs
  • Corporate reorganisation
  • Drafting of appraisals and estimates

Real Estate

The firm has also garnered strong expertise in real estate transactions, the tax discipline of which is one of the most convoluted and complex in our organisation.
The Montanari & Galletti Firm boasts, in particular, a long experience in the field of historical buildings and related facilities.

  • Fiscal assistance and advice in buying and selling real estate
  • Real estate investment appraisals
  • Fiscal planning for real estate transactions

Electronic invoicing

From 1st of January 2019 the obligation to use electronic invoicing will be in force: the old paper invoices will no longer have any value, and each invoice must be issued – and received – in digital format, using the computerised system created by the Inland Revenue and named the Interchange System (SDI). Any person in possession of a VAT number must therefore prepare themselves properly.
And it is in this eventuality as well that the Firm meets the needs of its customers, through the FattureGO cloud system, created by DATEV KOINOS: through a special agreement, customers have the possibility, at extremely low costs, to access their own cloud area in which they can:

  • create, send and store your electronic invoices
  • receive and store electronic purchase invoices
  • save and archive documents that are not electronic invoices but have accounting and fiscal relevance (bank statements, receipts, etc.)

Thanks to this system, the relevant documents will be immediately available and shared by the client and Firm without the need to locate them, order them and deliver them. 

The Firm assists and supports its customers in dealing with what is a proper technical revolution.